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Sleepy Tots 3-6Months Program 



Firstly our sleep programs aims to educate parents on all things sleep and understand your baby's sleep. We look to provide you with the knowledge of what is "normal" when it comes to infant sleep, and what is realistic. 

This program is designed to be implemented and used based on babies corrected age ( babies due date, not birth date), and will aim to talk parents through the dreaded 4month sleep regression, sleep consolidations, teething impacts on sleep and much more. 


Your experiencing day and night confusion

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to approach sleep coaching techniques

Difficulty identifying infants cues 

Difficulty establishing routine

Wanting a greater understanding on how to settle a fussy baby

Long periods of night waking episodes 

Looking to build confidence around infant sleep

Experiencing the 4month regression

Experiencing a fussing baby due to teething

Transitioning from swaddle  

Looking for evidence backed information 

​This program includes...  

Comprehensive eBook   

Videos Tutorials

Printable logging forms  

Sleep Schedules 

Settling Techniques 

4 Month Sleep Regression 


Quick Wins 

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