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Mark Lynch BOst Med D.O. (1st class Hons) , MOCI, ACE O/E,  PT

Principal Osteopath / Senior Practitioner/Lecturer/ Business Co-owner 


Professional Bio:

With a foundation as a Fitness Instructor in 2003,

I later advanced my expertise by earning a

Personal Trainer qualification from the

American Council on Exercise (ACE)

following a year of travel in Australia and Asia.


Seeking further knowledge, I pursued ACE again, this time in the USA, completing their program as an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, specializing in post-operative rehabilitation exercise and injury rehabilitation.


Subsequently, I collaborated closely with ROM (Range of Motion) Sligo for over 5 years, concurrently establishing my practice in physical therapy. This evolved into Osteopathic Medicine over a seven-year span, culminating in the completion of the first Osteopathic Council of Ireland (OCI) accredited Bachelor's degree course in Osteopathic Medicine at the esteemed ICOM Cork.


This course, accredited through NESCOT and Kingston University, resulted in my attainment of a 1st class honors degree in Osteopathic Medicine, and I am now registered with the OCI.


Throughout the operation of our clinic, I garnered the accolade of Student of the Year in 2015 and our Clinic was honored with the title of Best Irish Sports Physio Clinic 2018 , also achieving a top-10 finalist position in Ireland in 2019—a testament to the pride held by both myself and the team.


Additionally, I work as a lecturer in ICOM (Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine) Cork Teaching years 1-4, specializing in spinal mechanics, academic writing, research principles, post-operative rehabilitation, and exercise prescription, pathophysiology and many more subjects. 


My qualifications span diverse disciplines, including:


- Osteopathic Medicine (BOst Med 1st Class Hons Degree)

- Manipulative Therapy (Diploma)

- Physical Therapy (Diploma)

- Orthopedic Exercise / Post-Op Rehab (Diploma)

- Cranial Therapy (Diploma)

- Dry Needling (Diploma)

- Electro Dry Needling

- Electro Accupunture

- Faradic Therapy (Diploma)

- Remedial Massage (Diploma)

- Personal Training (Diploma)

- Fitness Instructing (Cert)

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Membership No. 20120802

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