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Meet the Team


Mark lynch BOst Med D.O, MOCI, ACE O/E PT

 Our senior Tutor Mark is a registered Osteopath with the OCI (Osteopathic Council of Ireland) and Principal Practitioner at ML Therapies Osteopathic Clinic in Sligo.


He Currently holds a 1st class Honours degree in Osteopathic Medicine awarded through Kingston University and a practicing D.O from the Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine, and various other diplomas such as :

Manipulative therapy.

Physical Therapy.

Injury Exercise/Rehabilitation specialist.

 level 2 personal Trainer.

Fitness instructing.

Dry Needling

Electro Dry Needling (EDN)

Electro Acupuncture (EA)

Remedial Massage

Cranial Therapy

Mark achieved the very honoured award of student of the year in 2016 while studying at the Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine, and also achieved the award of best Irish Physical/Physio at the IFIA awards in 2018 and reached the top 10 finalist lists again in 2019.

Mark was invited back to lecture at The Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine and still teaches today a range of subjects, including but not limited to:

Orthopaedic testing.

Academic research.

Spinal Mechanics.

Treatment Red Flags.

Contraindications and considerations.



Mark has to date successfully assessed and treated hundreds of conditions and injuries spanning over thousands of patients in his home clinic in Sligo Ireland

It was Marks aim to develop this resource so that practitioners of all kinds including Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physios, Physical Therapists, Massage therapists, and other manual therapists as well as Personal/Fitness Trainers can all have a reference of knowledge to make their job a little safer.



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